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Tanning Bed Lamp Compatibility and Equivalency Charts


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Found here are the lamp equivalency or "compatibility" letters required by regulated states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa, with other states changing regulations this year.  We send this letter with each lamp kit ordered!

Please download and print these documents when required by your state to be compatible with the lamp installed by the manufacturer.  For home owners, you can ignore this policy but utilize the information for comparison purposes.  learn more about replacement lamp equivalency here

A quick lesson in buying replacement lamps is to keep in mind they are all made at the same factory and only the names on the label changes!  The other variable which changes is the active ingredient, or % of UVB, expressed from 1.9% (bronzing) to 9.5% (super hot).  The labels may reveal how hot or bronzing the bulbs are by the numbers you find printed on the lamp.  They include 4.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 etc, and give you a clue as to how they should compare to the lamps you are replacing. 

You must also stay consistent with the wattage of your lamp (100w, 160w, etc) as they must match your ballasts installed in your tanning device.  call 800-667-9189 for a more thorough explanation of compatibility or email us here with questions.  Click on each graphic below to enlarge the equivalency letters to download and print.

We provide discount replacement lamps for the following brand names:  (click on link to see list of each lamp type)

Wolff Systems Cosmedico Light Sources Philips
Sun Ergoline JK Soltron Hex Hollywood Tans
Instan Tan Mega Sun Pure Tan Radiance
Royal Sun Sun Industries Sun Bronze Reflex
VIP Voltarc Wolff Interlectric