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Panther Tanning Lamps


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If you are a home tanning bed owner who is looking for some "heat" from your bulbs then you have come to the right place.  This lamp is our best seller: the Panther 9.5, which has a 9.5% UVB blend and is the HOTTEST replacement bulb you can buy for ANY home tanning bed ever made! 

Even if your Sunquest Pro or similar model came equipped with a 1panther tanning bed bulbs5, 20, or 30 minute lamps and timer you can install a 10 minute bulb in there because it is the bulb UVB % which determines the max session times, not the timer on the bed.  Please keep in mind, the only restriction you have is installing 100 watt bulbs connected to 100 watt ballasts and the Panther 9.5 is the hottest 100 watt bulb you can find, thus the 10 minute maximum recommended exposure times. 

These Panther tanning lamps can be installed in any commercial or home tanning bed in sizes F71, F72, F73, F74,  or F59.  Our Panther 9.5 replacement bulbs are compatible to many major brands, click here to see them all.  All tanning bulb kit prices below are on sale and include free shipping and your choice of a free gift.   Read our shipping and returns policy here.

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